Past Speaker Subjects and lecturers :

Presentations –

WM Roger Cole out of Middletown, WM PLR 2017
– Am I Blind to What I Should See?
– Our Challenge Linking Head With Heart
– The Wayfaring Man

WM Justin Duffy out of Hartford
– The Chamber of Reflection
– Esoteric Opening & Closing of the Lodge
– Solomon, King of the Magicians – Part 1
A Man of Myth, Magic, and Miracles
Part 2 – Medieval Times
– A Consideration of Masonic Charity

WB Ed Lawson
– Diversity in Freemasonry (aka The Kipling Lecture)
– Bridges Not Walls

WB Chuck 2.0 Landau out of Hartford
– Pythagoras: The Man Myth and Mage
– The Qabalah of the Lodge
– Tarot and Freemasonry
– Secrets of a Master Mason
– The Practical Point Within the Circle
– Brothers Raphael and Leonardo, Fellowcraft
– Freemasonry and Religious Toleration
Spy vs. Spy -The Blue Lodges vs. the Red in the Jacobite Revolts

WB Jonathan Beatty out of Cromwell
– Recognizing and Preserving Masonic Treasures

WB Will Mackey out of Hartford
– William Preston: The Man and the Message
– Origins of the Royal Arch Degree and How it Came to America

WB John Forlenza Bailey out of Hartford
– Who, What, Where, How, When and Why a Master Mason Leader?
– Brother Audie L. Murphy – Tragic Hero
– Parallels of Free Masonry & 12 Step Recovery Programs

Br. Anthony Maisano out of Cromwell
– Rods, Staves and Other Ornaments

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