A SELECTION OF THE MOST ORIGINAL, INFORMATIONAL AND PROVOCATIVE RESEARCH PAPERS REFLECTING THE DEPTH AND BREADTH OF MASONIC EDUCATION IN CONNECTICUT from the THE PHILOSOPHIC LODGE OF RESEARCH Of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut A.F. & A. M. has been prepared for publication in 2017, to celebrate our history. Trade paperback, is now available! Please Help support the spreading of Masonic LIGHT and original research. You may purchace a copy from our publisher CreateSpace E-Store: or from or make a donation in person at the 2017 Esoteric Seminar:
Copies will be available at PLR’s book table. Five of the authors who contributed to this work will be speaking at the seminar! A great opportunity to have the book signed!

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Questions? Contact the Librarian, WM Chuck 2.0 Landau at chuck418

· Introduction
· Aspects of Ritual by Will Mackay, 2013
· Esoteric Examination of Ritual Opening & Closings by Justin Duffy, 2014
· Nonverbal Lessons of the Three Degrees by Don Tansey, 2006
· The Qabalah of the Lodge by Chuck 2.0 Landau, 2016
· Masons, Morality and Mysticism by John White, 2000
· Romance of Symbolism by William E. Hanmer, 1944
· Does the Entered Apprentice Know by Russell D. Ramette, 1974
· The Due Guard by Lewis Brock, 1943
· The Apron – an attire of Honor by Everett C. Baker (n.d.)
· Star and the Garter by William C. Murray, 1955
· The Golden Fleece by Br. Stoper, 1954
· The Twenty-Four Inch Gauge by George A. Case, 1944
· What a Fellowcraft Ought to Know by George A. Case, 1951
· Winding Stairs of a Fellowcraft by W. Foster Schreeder, 1956
· Few Thoughts on Tubal Cain by Robert G. Jordan, 1974
· The Masonic Numeral Five by Leslie G. Wright, 1947
· Rhetoric by R. Yergason, 1948
· King Solomon’s Temple by W. Foster Schreeder, 1957
· That Which Was Lost: The Lost Word by Morris I. Budkofsky, (n.d.)
· Importance of the Legend of Hiram Abiff by Conrad Hahn, 1972
· Who Were the Rosicrucians? by Martin Ede, 2010
· The Comacines by W. H. Brainard, 1943
· Lost Sacred Feminine of Freemasonry by Wayne M. Chiapperini, 2000
· Sir Francis Bacon: Cryptic Architect of Freemasonry by Peter A. Allegra, n.d.
· Benjamin Franklin: The Uncle of His Country by Conrad Hahn, 1955
· Benedict Arnold, the Promise Unfulfilled by William F. Saars, 1976
· Prince Hall Freemasonry in the U.S. by Raymond Dragat, (1959, revised 1978)
· The American Indian and Masonry by C. H. Kennedy, 1958
· To Bigotry No Sanction: letter to the Hebrew Congregation from President
Washington by Stephen Thal, 2008

Transactions – a Selection of 75 years of Masonic Philosophic Research

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