Program: Spy -vs- Spy Presented By: WB Chuck 2.0 Landau West Hartford Masonic Temple 160 South St., West Hartford, CT

” Spy vs. Spy: Blue Lodge vs. Red in the Jacobite Revolts will be presented at the West Hartford Masonic Temple on February 16th.
The word OCCULT means hidden, often in plain sight but misunderstood.
The Masonic Cipher is such an occult secret, in plain sight in WSJ #4.
While the paper is heavy on history, time constraints will limit the presentation to a summery through the Chevalier Ramsay and Bonnie Prince Charley, touch on Swedenborg and others. The lecture will also touch on Pigpen cipher, the secret Masonic code. Brothers will leave the lecture newly recovered Masonic skill! ”

April 20 Stated Communication 7:30 pm. (B) Program: Is War an Excuse to Abandon the Beliefs of Masonry? Presented by: Brother John Chan Masonic Health Center – Lodge Room 22 Masonic Ave, Wallingford, CT 06492

May 18 Stated Communication 7:30 pm. (B) Annual Philosophic Lodge of Research Open House. Program: Brother Greg Kaminsky, host of the Occult of Personality podcast speaking on Esoteric Freemasonry West Hartford Masonic Temple 160 South St., West Hartford, CT

Dinner costs – if at a restaurant, a brother orders from the menu and pays his own bill plus taxes and tip; if at a lodge location the donation expected will not exceed $15.00 unless otherwise noted in the trestleboard. Dinner reservations – Please email all dinner reservations to the Secretary @ three (3) days prior to the stated communication. If no email is available to you, please call the WM @ 860-251- 9679.

PLR Trestleboard for the 1st half of 2018

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