Philosophic Lodge of Research Brothers: our annual meeting December 15th, 6:30, WSJ #4 in West Hartford. Br. Kevin Tate will be giving his lecture on the Beehive in Nature as a model for the Lodge. This, if accepted, would make him our newest Research Member.

We hope to entertain their Lectures next year from Br. Carl Johnson, Thomas Damon-Smith who will serve as Deacons, thus creating a Progressive Line in the Officer Chairs once again. Br. John C. is also interested in presenting a historical, Military lecture next year, Carl’s is Colonial History and Thomas could either do his Runes (yes, he relates them to the 3 degrees) or his PHI in Practical Architecture lecture. Chuck 2.0’s first draft of Spy VS Spy: the Blue Lodges vs the Red in the Jacobean Rebellions is complete, and Justin Duffy is working on King Solomon Part Three. It looks like well balanced year of History, Philosophy and Esotericism.
This means that we ALREADY have a full years worth of programming, if all goes well.

We can also encourage Brs. Danis, John O’R and David S. in their development of their respective interests and research for papers on Mozart, Music, the Flag or whatever they desire. Dues notices are going out, and (Thank YOU!!!) Stephen is handling it and will take the payments. If appointed by the new Master, I will (reluctantly) try to fill his shoes as Secretary (until someone else can be coerced, I mean convinced to replace me, while continuing as Librarian). My understanding is that we LOST NOT ONE MEMBER this year to NPD, thanks to our Secretary’s persistence and diligence.

In addition to our modest Dues, we have enriched the Lodge coffers by the donations for our Transactions book. We have collected almost doubled our investment with @ 21 copies left for distribution. Eventually when it reached $100, we will also get a check for our share of the Amazon sales. But most importantly, we resurrected 75 years worth of Connecticut Masonic thought, spread it and preserved it.

So PLEASE RSVP to NOW to our Secretary WB Stephen Thal and plan on attending our Annual Meeting Friday December 15th, at Wyllys Lodge No. 4 at 160 South St, West Hartford, menu for dinner is:

Italian Wedding Soup, Salad & Rolls, Butter,
Penne with Sauce, Chicken Marsala, Steamed Broccoli,
Assorted Italian Cookies, $18.00 per person (prepared by the Sequin-Level LodgeKitchen Elves)

be there, on the Square, meet upon the Level and rise upwards to the Stars.

Join us for our Annual Communication

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